Sep 042014

Here’s another glimpse of some of the fun that took place this year at Camp Barefoot 8! Check out Zach Deputy gettin’ down and dirty!

Aug 272014

Check out this sweet video of Moogatu featuring members of ELM and Consider the Source from the Hot Spot woods stage at Camp Barefoot 8!  That’s one of the best parts of festivals like Camp Barefoot is that the musicians get a chance to hang out and collaborate like this.


Moogatu: So we’re playing at the Hot Spot stage later, you guys should come check us out.

ELM: Sweet, you guys are super cool.

Consider the Source: Awesome, we will definitely come by.

Moogatu: Hey, do you guys wanna sit in on a couple of songs?

ELM: Hell yeah!

Consider the Source: Hmm, I don’t know I just had a burrito.

Moogatu: I’ll buy you another burrito.

Consider the Source: Ok, you had me at another burrito.

ELM: Can we get a burrito too?

Moogatu: You bet, let’s go!

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