Big Something






Breakout rockers The BIG Something are set to release their highly-anticipated new self-titled studio album on 11/26/2013 to follow up their award winning 2010 debut ‘Stories from the Middle of Nowhere.’ With several years of relentless touring experience now under their belt, the band has crafted a powerful sound that is refreshingly original and yet classic in its approach. In a digital age of popular music dominated by programmed computers, BIG Something is a breath of fresh air: a straight up rock band that calls upon song-craft with compelling vocals and a diverse range of sounds created and performed live by 6 musicians on real instruments consisting of drums, bass, guitars, keys, synths, trumpet, sax, and EWI (electronic wind instrument). Organic tones are juxtaposed with electronic embellishments and the musical interplay is often centered around funk, rock, and jazz influences. But as evidenced by their new self-titled release, the BIG Something signature sound can be hard to fully describe with the songs themselves often drastically differing from one another in their own unique ways.

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