Camp Barefoot Rules

This is very important:

Once you enter the campground, you are not permitted to leave the site until Saturday morning unless it is an emergency. If you leave prior to Saturday you will have to pay $5 to reenter. This is for traffic safety. So stock up before you come in the gate. We also have a general store at the merchandise tent.


There will be a $5 parking fee for all vehicles entering the campground. If you purchase an RV or Car Camping ticket your $5 parking fee is included in the cost of your ticket.

To attend Camp Barefoot you must comply with the following rules:
NO GLASS will be allowed on the site, we will confiscate all the glass found in a vehicle at the check-in entrance to the event.
NO FIREARMS OR OTHER WEAPONS (leave your nunchuks at home, ninjas)
NO NITROUS TANKS (we like to breath in natural air)
NO LITTERBUGS (respect the land, put your trash in the can–and while we’re on the subject, that goes double for cigarette butts. I swear if I see anybody toss their cigarette butt on the ground when I’ve put cigarette butt cans all over the campground-this goes for you too musicians-then I will scold you so furiously and make you cry in front of your friends. It’s 2014, give yourself a little credit for being more advanced as a human and realize that tossing your cigarette on the ground is terrible because (1)you’re tossing your garbage on the ground where people are walking around with bare feet because it’s CAMP BAREFOOT, (2)you’ve indicated that you lack the good moral character and sense to dispose of your refuse in a responsible manner and you’re old enough to know better. So don’t even think about doing it.)
NO UNAUTHORIZED VENDING (if you did not submit your application and pay a vending fee like all our other hard-working vendors then please do not try to sell your wares here. If you are caught vending without the proper credentials you will be removed from the campground.)
NO BAD ATTITUDES (Sometimes we abbreviate to minimize chatter over the radio, codeword BADITUDES, don’t have a baditude, dude.)

And don’t be shy, say thanks to Camp Hidden Meadows on your way out for their beautiful land and scenery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the camping situation like?

–A:  It will be tent camping for the general public this year. The only car camping will be in the VIP, family and RV camping sections.

Q:  Will there be an ATM on site?

–A:  Yes

Q:  Will there be alcohol on site for sale?

–A:  No, but you can bring your own beer as long as your of legal age. Security will be in observance.

Q:  How old must you be to attend?

–A:  18 yrs old or older unless accompanied by an adult.

Q:  If I’m bringing an RV do my passengers need an RV pass too?

–A:  Only the driver of the RV needs the RV pass, which also includes all camping and event fees. Everyone else camping inside the RV only needs a general admission event ticket to attend.

Q:  Are there showers?

–A:  No showers, but there is a flowing river and pond.

Q:  How can I get around the campground?

–A:  A shuttle will take you from the parking lot to the camping area. During the event a fest taxi service will be available for hire. I suppose you could walk, take in the scenery, feel the earth between your toes.

Q:  Can I leave the campground and return?


Q:  Can we have glass bottles?

–A:  NO. Here’s the deal with glass, it often breaks into many dangerous pieces. You say you’ll clean it up after the next band but you forget, then during the night your best friend slices their foot, they end up in the hospital with two dozen stitches. Or worse yet a poor, unsuspecting pup, deer, raccoon, beaver is afflicted in the same way. Now nature hates you. NO GLASS!

Q:  Is it a family atmosphere?

–A:  Yes, we will have a Kid Zone with art projects and many family projects.

Q:  Can I bring a dog?

–A:  Yes. Animals must be leashed at all times, and you are required to clean up after your pet!

Q:  Can I bring a bike?

–A:  Yes, as long is it does not need gas or batteries.

Q:  Where is the closest general store?

–A:  The Merch Tent! We will have some general necessity items for sale. There are also three gas station convenience stores two miles down the road. Stock up on supplies before you arrive at the campground.

Q:  Will there be ice on site for sale?

–A:  Yes.

Q:  Will there be first aid?

–A:  Yes, a first aid station will be located on the campground.

Q:  When do the gates open/close?

–A:  Gates open on Thursday August 21st at 9 AM, and close Sunday August 24th at 3 PM.

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