Aug 252014

Camp Barefoot 8 was by far the best yet. Thank you to all the staff, sponsors, volunteers and vendors. Thank you to the sound and lights crew. Thank you to the bands for bringing the fire this year! And thank you to all the fans that keep on coming back and the new fans we made this year. We could not have done without everybody’s help. Thank you!

Aug 232014

Don’t forget, Saturday is the last day of music at Camp Barefoot 8. Do not cry, this day is packed so full you have no choice but to dance your booty off. Please peruse the music schedule at your leisure. Let the music wash over your super hot body and cleanse your soul.

Aug 222014

It’s Friday folks, we’re right in the thick of it. Check out this schedule, try to keep from drooling all over it. Beginning around noon super sweet music will begin entering your earholes from all directions. Don’t fight it, just move the way the music wants.

Aug 152014

Camp Barefoot is about ready to launch. All systems are GO. Are YOU ready for CAMP BAREFOOT! Do I look like I’m messing with you? No, I don’t. I wouldn’t do that to you. This is for real. It’s about to get dirty and funky. We don’t bring our balls out for just any occasion!

Aug 112014


**All RV Tickest are SOLD OUT

**All online ticket sales from now until the festival are WILL CALL only. When you purchase your tickets you will receive an email confirmation. Print this and bring it, along with your ID to the WILL CALL check-in. Ask parking attendant for directions to the WILL CALL booth. Thanks again for all the support and see you at Camp Barefoot!!

Aug 062014

Your musical adventure begins here. Study these documents, memorize them, know them. If you show up to the festival already knowing the entire music schedule backwards and forwards and can recite it for anyone looking official then you probably deserve a free t-shirt or something. The nice thing about these schedules is you can not only see where you are going, but also where you’ve been. As you’re riding home on Sunday, all stinky and what not, you thumb through that wadded festival booklet to find the music schedule page. “Who was that band I saw Saturday morning? They were truly wonderful musicians,” you might say to yourself. You remember you were by the third stage, around noon, you were just taking the last bite of your breakfast burrito, when BAM! – some band melts your face off!


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