Mar 042014

Photos from Camp Barefoot 7!

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  • cb7_16
  • cb7_23

Camp Barefoot 7 was spectacular! The music, the vibe, the experience was truly magical. We saw some really amazing performances from many really talented musicians. We’d like to thank all the fans for making this dream come alive every year. Also thank you to all the live artists, vendors and volunteers for your considerable time, talent and effort. Thanks to all who dressed up and participated in the theme nights, you made the memories and photographs that much more colorful! Thank you to Midway Productions for keeping the sound sweet across four stages for three solid days and nights! Thank you Masthay Studios for creating an incredible poster! Thank you to Andy Cox Photography and the Scene Unseen for the Phreaks and Phans Phantabulous Photo Booth, as well as some really wonderful festival photographs. Thank you to Roger Gupta and the other photographers and videographers for capturing those memorable moments for the rest of the world to see. Thank you to Russell for printing some really great shirts. Thank you to Camp Hidden meadows, Ed and Denny for driving the shuttles and hauling the recycling. On behalf of Stanlee Ventures and the Camp Barefoot staff and crew, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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