Thanks to the Super Fans!

We are truly grateful to have such an amazing community. We are super excited to focus on a new year while bringing the mid Atlantic another great Camp Barefoot music mania! Thank you again for all the love and support. We are so honored to have such a powerful grassroots family. If you see anyboby wearing a Super Fan shirt during the festival please thank them for making 2014 a reality! 
Love, yours truly,
Mr. Stanlee


Eric Lamagna

Dale Rodman

Dan O’Laker

Ben Ann E Shealy

Bryan Shealy

Hillary Dovel

Justin Johnson

Andy DeVibiliss

Victoria Garrett

Karen Dugan

Jason Coffey

Victor Weaver

Paul Wilson

Laura Cormier

Rajiv Gupta

Brian Trainer

Joshua Hull

Dave Miles

Jeremy Ballard

Chris Olive

Anne Bedarf

Michael Finkelstein

Brandon Seils

Eleanor Schwamm

Marianne Hawthorne

Ben Stearns

Jason Jobse

Luke Belke

David Owen

Jeff McClellan

Glass Flo, LLC

Alex Lawson

Whit Carminati

Melissa Venneri

KJ Adler

Alex Russell

John Church

Gabe Terlemezian

Melissa Canavan

Phil Pierre

John Haas

Kim Osborn

Jeanelle Myers

Said Kobeissi

Rob Adler

Clark Hammersley

Nate Johnson

Nealey Gray

Susan Gardner

Jaina Cahill

Jesse Foy

Matthew Kemp

Amanda Norton

John Way

Aaron Hofberg

Randi Gonelli

Joshua Dowell

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