The Motet






After twelve years of touring The Motet have refined their sound into a dynamic and expressive force, unleashed by an astonishingly talented cast of musicians. The group is now the strongest and most cohesive incarnation of the band yet, showcasing a powerhouse line-up. With roots in funk, afrobeat, disco, jazz, and soul, The Motet keep their audiences in a dancing frenzy by layering rhythms intoa style that is uniquely their own. In an age where EDM towers over the dance music scene, The Motet has proven time and again that they can rock a dance party with a beautiful blend of live instrumentation and electronics.

With the release of their 7th album, The Motet once again showcase their commitment to pushing the sonic envelope while remaining dedicated to the musical traditions that have defined their sound. The new self-titled album boldly states that this is the band The Motet has strived to become. The whole has become greater than the sum of its parts with each member of the band contributing to the writing and arranging of the songs, telling a unified story through syncopated rhythms and melodies. The band has also decided to take an analog approach in the making of the album by using tape, tubes and transistors. This gives the music a warm, rich, and organic tone with the crunch and bite of a classic ’70s funk record.

The Motet might be most well known for their consistently sold-out Halloween shows in which the band dons “musical costumes”, playing the catalogs of funk greats like Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament and Prince. In doing so, they have been able to internalize many effective musical concepts of these past masters. One lesson that The Motet have applied to their latest album is the power of great song-writing. As Watts told The Boulder Weekly, “We realized how effective a great song is with a crowd. Instead of just the energetics we’re used to bringing, with improvising, soloing and extended arrangements, we really decided to focus on tunes, because we understand how powerful a great song is.”

Through collaborative song writing, the band’s focus is to deliver tight, technical and catchy tunes while still leaving space where anything can happen live. An influence of heavy-horned funk countered by a textural blanket of rhythm, their new arsenal of songs showcase the talents of one of the strongest cast of players the band has ever assembled. Keyboardist Joey Porter, bassist Garrett Sayers, and guitarist Ryan Jalbert lay down undeniable grooves under the coursing melodies of vocalist Jans Ingber and horn players Matt Pitts and Gabe Mervine. In pure Motet fashion, the ever-driving beats of drummer Dave Watts pushes the music through sonic peaks and valleys which tantalize and invigorates listeners. If you’ve loved The Motet for years or are just tuning in, listen up, you haven’t heard The Motet like this and you won’t be disappointed.

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