Show me some video, yo!

Here are just a few video examples of what goes on at Camp Barefoot before the show. A year’s worth of preparation and hard work go into making this festival special each and every year. We have an extremely talented and dedicated staff, as well as a very loyal support staff that shows up early every year to help set up. It takes a lot of hands to make it work, so this year thank a volunteer or staff member if you find yourself having an extraordinarily good time!
~A message from the editor~   At the first Camp Barefoot I was fortunate enough to have a crew of 6 dedicated music lovers manning Super-8 cams. We captured a lot of great music, however at the time I had no machine on which to edit the footage.  The good news is I still have the footage. Stay tuned to this page, as well as our YouTube and Vimeo pages for great performance from years past.
If you are video savvy and interested in being a part of the video crew please email

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