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Gulf of Cambay India. Ancient sunken city Dwarka. Kingdom of Lord Krishna. This is where the aural and acoustical transformation of Aquafuture began. Driven by infectious old world grooves and accompanied by other worldly melodies Aquafuture strives daily to peer beyond the sextant of convention to map the uncharted course of music.

Formed circa 2009, five friends blended their unique personal tastes into a sound that causes listeners to convulse in rhythmic fits while also vacantly staring into agonizingly introspective voids. Playing music that ranges from laid back rhythm and blues to futuristic dance
anthems, Aquafuture plunged deep into the primordial recesses of the Richmond music

After being stripped of their powers and forced into a brief hiatus Aquafuture have refocused their nautical energies and launched a new campaign to bring their eclectic funky soulful music to listeners both above and below the surface. In order to avoid salinating their funky fresh vibes and to further delineate their sound Aquafuture has been concentrating most of their efforts in the studio and plans to have multiple EP releases culminating in year-encapsulating audio transmissions in 2015.